Things I would ask {if people let me}

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow blogger that I admire tagged me in a post that I really enjoyed reading.  I was excited to be included, and anxious because there are ‘rules’ to follow.
I wanted to participate, but I am a rule breaker, and always want to do things my way.  I am diverting from the protocol a bit.

You are to state 11 random facts, answer the 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you, and then nominate 11 people.  I don’t even know 11 other bloggers, but I would be interested to hear the answers to anyone who was interested in answering my questions.  These are the sort of questions I would like to ask random people, but people don’t seem to want to move past a state of cursory interest in others.

I am omitting the facts.  I still don’t know who I am, so I’m sorting that out.

Here are Robs questions:

1. Have you found a theme to your blog? Is there a topic that you return to almost subconsciously?

My blog was created to have a space to speak freely about my dissociative identity disorder.  I didn’t think anyone would see it, or care.  I was shocked (and saddened) to see how many people struggle.  It reinforces my belief that there is a lot more pain in the world than people care to admit.  One of the topics I find myself returning to frequently is how music relates to my internal identities.  I could fill 100 blog posts with music that has helped me cope, and ironically, has also scared the shit out of me.

2. What is the one thing you’ve learned about yourself as a blogger?

I am obsessive.  I want to write it all down.  I want to be completely forthcoming, but even with anonymity, it scares me to be honest.

3. What is your favorite way to learn?

I learn best by experience.  It’s really the only way I learn.  It’s also the most painful way to learn.

4. What is the one decision that you’ve made in your life that you will never regret?

Choosing to see my nervous breakdown as a spiritual emergency 1 year ago.  Seeing parallels in every situation that helped me see things from a higher part of myself.  Showing up in life, even when I was terrified.  Learning to stop distracting myself from pain and truth.  Sorry, that seems like more than 1 thing, but it’s all related.

5. If you could live in the past, which period would you choose?

I think we have already lived in the past, so I would stick with this life.  This is a time and place where we have the freedom to speak and be real, and to advocate for our true desires.

6. What is your favorite music?

Anything that speaks to my heart.  I will hear music first with my body.  It stops me in my tracks.  I’ve learned to ‘shazam’ the song, and wait until it speaks to me again.  Then I read the lyrics, and try to decipher what it is in the song that is calling to me.  I believe that artists lay down an emotional track in their music.  I can read the emotional track from the first time I hear it.  I have always had this ability.

7. If you had to change careers, what career would you choose?

I would like my next career to be a loud advocate for mental health.  I would be like a dog with a bone.  Mental health needs some champions.

8. Who is your favorite philosopher?

Is it arrogant to say me?  Do you have to be world famous, or dead 1000 years to qualify?

Creative, scientific minds excite me.  I would prefer to talk philosophy every day, but I don’t know many people who would be interested.

9. What is your favorite poem?

I carry your heart by e.e. cummings

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.16.38 PM

10. What is your favorite myth from Greek Mythology?

Several months ago, I was researching the myth of Medusa.  Beautiful maiden, raped by a man, and punished by a woman.  It’s not a pretty myth, but I relate to the double victimization.  Perhaps some monsters earn the right to be monstrous, although it is a far more difficult and noble journey to travel from monster to hero.

11. Name one guilty pleasure.

Marijuana.  I love it.  But it would rule my life if I let it, so I keep it in moderation.

Here are my questions to you, if you choose to share:

If you could have a meeting with yourself in the past, when would you schedule it, and what would you want to say?

What is your favorite way to reward yourself?

What do you like most about who you are?

Do you believe in magic?

What greek god or goddess do you most relate to?

What makes you feel alive?

What has been the most monumental year of your life, and why?

You just stepped out of a candy store.  What’s in your bag?

What would be your psychic superpower, if you could have one?

What would you be really good at if you had access to the best training and inspired coaching?

What song describes your life right now?

Thanks for nominating me, Robert.  🙂